Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Spirit

Yes, yes, yes...I know I have been a bad blogger recently. It has been a while since my last post. We have been extremely busy since the twins birthday...but that is no excuse! School has seemed to fly by and now that I am on Christmas break I finally have all my shopping done, presents wrapped, and house cleaned that I can sit down and post. Paityn and Conner are definitely enjoying the presents under the tree and it seems like 50 times a day I have to put them back under the tree LOL. I am pretty impressed however that the babies really were not very interested in the tree until I recently put present under it.
We have tried to make this Christmas special for the babies since they can enjoy it a little more than last year. We have drove around town and looked at lights, decorated our house inside and out, and celebrated their first school Christmas party! Paityn and Conner were more into the paper and boxes than the toys they opened up! Hahaha...that's pretty typical though. Paityn was no stranger to the other parents either. She was sitting in other mom's laps and wanted to go home with one of the dads. She was spreading her Christmas cheer I guess. Conner on the other hand was more reserved. After a while he warmed up and began exploring. After opening presents Paityn and Conner enjoyed snacks before heading home. It was a success!! Below are some pictures!