Monday, February 20, 2012

Pink Eye Outbreak

Uh Oh!! We have a pink eye outbreak at our house. Caution is advised! LOL Paityn and Conner both have pink eye. Friday evening Conner started having a running nose and then Saturday night developed a cough. By yesterday morning both of his little eyes were red and puffy. So first thing this morning (thank you President's Day) I was able to schedule an appointment for him to been seen. I scheduled Conner's appointment, got dressed, got the twins up, and what do I find??? Paityn has a runny nose and red eyes too! Geez it never fails...if one twin gets it the other one does too no matter what!! So we went to see Dr. Meyer :) She prescribed some drops for them so hopefully the goopie matted eyes will stop soon! In the mean time we are disinfecting everything, washing our hands constantly, and germ X inbetween! Fingers crossed that Matt and I do not get it!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

15 Months...

My oh my...I get mixed emotions while updating each monthly post for the twins. It is so bitter sweet at times like this because I am sad that my babies are not babies any more but filled with joy because of the new activites, adventures, and personalities that Paityn and Conner develop each month. On January 28th the twins turned 15 months and yesterday we went for their checkup. We again have 2 big healthy toddlers!! Dr. Meyer said they are doing everything that they should be doing now and she thinks they are doing great! With them being preemie's has not really had an effect on them, thank GOD!! We are so blessed and thankful for Paityn and Conner!!

-27 lbs. 8 oz.
-31 1/2 inches long
-has 10 teeth
-eats everything
-loves to give kisses
-walks but still likes to crawl
-acts silly when she first wakes up
-can crawl on top of and sit in big chairs
-loves to ride in the wagon
-plays in the laundry basket
-likes to help you move things
-loves to point out people in pictures
-daddy's girl
-is now more into watching T.V.
-likes to read books

-26 lbs. 5 oz.
-31 1/2 inches long
-has 10 teeth
-runs with push toys
-prefers to crawl than walk
-loves to dance and listen to music
-hates brocolli
-has learned to ignore you
-loves to cuddle
-mommy's boy
-loves to talk
-likes to pet the dogs
-loves to turn the T.V. on and off (even though he gets in trouble) LOL
-likes to figure out how things work
-very easy going