Wednesday, June 29, 2011

8 Months

Yesterday Paityn and Conner turned 8 months old! Time has been flying by and we are enjoying our summer with me being at home. It is so nice to stay home with the babies and see them grow and change everyday. Although I love teaching, I sure could do this everyday all day :)

Paityn-8 Months
-22 1bs 12 oz.
-says and babbles Mama and Baabaa
-reaches to be pick up
-has 2 teeth (bottom)
-sits supported but moves all the time so she falls over
-rolls everywhere
-loves to eat her toes
-is fascinated by tags or straps 
-bites the spoon when you feed her or tries to hold it
-loves to stick out her tongue
-laughs when you tickle her
-plays with her bottle and bites the nipple
-likes to touch peoples faces

Conner-8 Months
-20 lbs 6 oz.
-occasionally reaches to be picked up
-babbles all the time
-sits all by himself
-loves to eat his fingers and drools constantly
-holds his own bottle
-laughs all the time
-is ticklish
-fake coughs
-likes to be cuddled
-finally is rolling over..but only if he wants to
-still has 0 teeth...but we think they will be coming in soon
-loves our dogs...he will sit and laugh and pet them
-loves T.V.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Big Boy & Big Girl Seats

Well...Paityn and Conner have already outgrown their infant carriers and we had to move to big carseats. On Saturday we loaded up headed to Babies "R" Us and got our new carseats. Yesterday afternoon they got to go on their first ride in mommies car. Our babies are growing too fast. I wish we could freeze time!

Splish Splash!

Over the weekend we finally took the Paityn and Conner swimming for the first time :) We have been wanting to go but I did not want to go by myself with the two of them. Once we lathered up with baby sunscreen we put the babies in their floaties and in they went! Paityn and Conner loved the water. They kicked their legs under the water and liked to stick their hands in the water. I even think they may drank a little...because they would lick the float. LOL

Just Fixin My Flat

On June 16th we went to Cranial Tech to get Paityn's doc band. When we got there they brought in the band and put it on Paityn. She loved getting to play with the clinician while she fit it properly. After making sure it fit properly we got to go out to lunch before having to come back to the office for a final check before heading home. While we are eating lunch...there were a few people staring but we knew going into to this that this would happen. Matt had been very concerned about what people might think or say about Paityn. Then, when we were eating, something very nice happened. A gentleman was walking past our table and stopped to talk to us. He told us that his son had also had a Doc Band and it was the best decision they had ever made. I think that this reassured Matt a little :) Paityn has now had her band over a week now and doesn't even act like she is wearing it! She still is happy and silly and rolls all over the place!! We ordered her some decals and her name to put on her doc band and they should be coming in soon!! Below is a pic :)

Monday, June 13, 2011

Anniversary Disaster....

Well the title of this post seems kinda harsh but after will understand why. Tomorrow is our 3rd wedding anniversary so last week Matt and I decided to take a mini vacation alone to celebrate. We booked a 2 day trip to San Antonio b/c last year when we book the same trip for our anniversary I ended up catching a stomach virus a few days before and our trip had to be canceled. So we decided to try again this year. Thursday night Conner ended up throwing up...going to the doctor on Friday...and seemed better for us to leave on Saturday. So we loaded up the car and took the babies to my mom's and then headed to San Antonio. We went to Sea World for a couple of hours, checked in our hotel, and then headed to the Riverwalk for the rest of the evening. All seemed great! I had checked in with my mom several times on Saturday and she said all was great with Paityn and Conner. Sunday we planned on going back downtown and the Riverwalk and doing a few things before coming home that night. Lets just say those plans were cut completely out of our anniversary trip b/c I woke 4:30 a.m. Sunday morning with an awful stomach virus! We checked out of hotel and came home b/c that was the only place I wanted to be. Shortly after arriving home with me still being sick, Matt gets sick too with the same thing! Paityn and Conner ended up staying another night at MeMe's house b/c Matt and I could hardly take care of ourselves much less our kids. Today we woke up a little sick but nothing like the day before so I picked up the babies and came home. Thinking things were all uphill from here....we quickly went downhill! Conner has now thrown up again! So lets just pray Paityn doesn't catch this and it doesn't get spread around anymore!!!

P.S. I don't think Matt and I will be planning our Anniversary vacation to San Antonio anymore!!

While things were good and stomach bug are a few pics!

Piccadilly Circus

Last week Shannon, Kennedy, Keaton, and I took Paityn and Conner to their first circus! We went to the Piccadilly Circus in College Station. I wasn't sure how the babies would react to all the people and loud noises but to my surprise...they loved it!!! They were amazed at all of the entertainment and the animals. Paityn and Conner just stared in awww at each at and really enjoyed the circus!