Friday, July 29, 2011

9 Months

Yesterday Paityn and Conner officially turned 9 months old. It is amazing at how fast they are growing and changing from day to day. They are definitely in to everything and keep us busy at all times.  A few of their favorite things are knocking over the toy basket, pulling out the wipes, playing with extra diapers, petting our dogs, and getting into to stuff that are no no's. It is now time that we start baby proofing a few things around the house.
On Wedneday, Paityn and Conner had tubes put in their ears and I think it was much harder on Matt and I than on them. The surgery took less than 15 minutes but it was the longest 15 minutes ever to us! We are glad that everything went great and they seem to not be bothered by anything. Today we went to see Dr. Meyer for their 9 month check up. Everything went great and Dr. Meyer said that she is very happy with where they are with things. Paityn and Conner only had to get one shot today and surprising nobody cried!!! What a relief because I had to take both babies by myself today.  Matt took off on Wednesday so he couldn't go with us today. The nursing staff there all know us so they were a huge help :) Below are the updates on the babies.

-29 inches-90th %
-22 lbs 10 oz-95th %
-Rolls anywhere and everywhere
-Rocks on hands and knees
-Purposely spits on the floor and playing in it
-Splashes everytime she is in water
-loves to eat anything!
-eats puffs and yogurt melts
-cries mama when upset
-is ticklish under her arms
-has 2 teeth

-28 inches-50th %
-21 lbs 14 oz-75th %
-Rolls and scoots
-is a picky eater
-loves to jump
-is ticklish on his feet and tummy
-loves anything that rolls
-loves animals
-has 2 teeth
-laughs at almost anything

Saturday, July 23, 2011


Since the babies have been born we have had an ongoing battle with ear infections. Paityn has had 5 ear infections and Conner has had 4. Our pediatrician had mentioned that if the ear infections continued then we may possibly have to get tubes. About a month ago we decided to takes the twins to a Pediatric ENT to have things checked out. At that point in time...both Paityn and Conner had ear infections that we did not know about..... just like every other one they have had. Friday, we went back for a check up on their ears. Paityn's ears were better and she passed her hearing tests but Conner still had fluid on both ears and he failed his hearing test in his left ear. So the doctor recommended tubes because if we are having problems now in the Summer it would only get worse during the Fall and Winter. So...tubes it is. Minus the ear infections we have happy and healthy babies and feel so blessed to be their parents!! Hopefully the tubes will do their job and fix the ear problems!!


Ok...ok...I know I haven't posted in a while...but things have been quite busy lately. I have had several workshops out of town and now I am able to update. We have been enjoying spending time at home and getting to spend time with family more too! Today we went to my sister's house and went swimming with MeMe, Aunt Shannon, Uncle Josh, and cousins Kaden and Payson. It was nice to spend time together. Now that Matt and I have twins and my sister has Kaden (3 1/2) and Payson (almost 10 months) it has been hard for us to get together. However now that the babies are getting older it is easier to go out and about :) Below are a few pics over the past few weeks!!
MeMe with Conner, Paityn, and Payson 

Loving some kisses!

Conner...what is your sister doing?

Payson and Aunt Casey

Payson pushing Conner

Playing with dog toys instead of hers!


Wow! They look like triplets!!

Payson says, "I am ready to swim!!"

Kaden, MeMe, and Paityn

Kaden showing Conner how to swim!

Loving the water!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of July

We hope everyone had a happy and safe 4th of July!! We celebrated by spending family time together at home during the day and then went to Washington on the Brazos to watch the laser light show. I was a little disappointed that the babies were not able to see real firework but the laser show was good to watch too! Below are some pics!