Tuesday, December 28, 2010

2 Months

Man....time is flying fast! Where has the last month gone?? The twins are 2 months old today and the Macat household has been very busy this holiday season. We feel so blessed to have such wonderful babies. Over the last month Paityn and Conner have begun to be up more during the day. Some days they are awake for 4 hours at a time. It is nice to sit and talk to them and watch them focus on a particular object or listen for a voice. Also, they have begun to hold their heads up more on their own. Of course they still need a little support when they get tired. Nights are also getting better. We let the babies sleep as much as they want during the night and allow them to wake up when they are hungry. The longest they have slept is 6 1/2 hours but it is typically 4 1/2 to 5 hours. Paityn and Conner are now sleeping in their cribs in their own room. I thought it would be hard for them to adjust since they had been in our room together for so long but it has been 3 nights with them separate and they don't seem mind. It is also amazing to us how they are so in sync. Paityn and Conner do a lot of things the same. For instance, they are hungry at the same time, normally wake up at the same time, sleep the same way, hold hands sometimes when they are on the floor together, etc... I am cherishing this last week with Paityn and Conner because I go back to work on Jan. 3rd :( I have enjoyed staying at home with them and I am going to miss it! I will post info for their 2 month check up after we go. We are very curious as to what percentages they are for height and weight since they were premature. Until next time, God Bless!

Our First Christmas!

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Monday, December 20, 2010

Conner's Wrist is Healed!

Yeah!! We finally are celebrating that Conner's IV burn to his right wrist is finally healed. His IV infiltrated when he was only 6 days old. Now he is 7 1/2 weeks and it is finally healed! It only took 6 weeks to get better but we are still so thankful that he did not need surgery. He currently does have a scar but the doctors think that in time as he gets older it will become less noticeable. His wrist has been covered for the last six weeks and he seems so happy that he doesn't have to have the special dressing, gauze, special tape, etc... anymore! Below are the before and after pics!
IV burn after 1 week

IV burn scar after 6 weeks

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Our First Outing!

On Sunday we went to Tracy and Keith's house for the Konieczny Christmas. This was the first outing for the babies besides going to the doctors office. We were very excited for our family to get to meet Paityn and Conner! Also, I was super excited to dress to twins in Christmas outfits :) The babies did awesome and got to meet lots of aunts, uncles, and cousins.

Amanda and Conner

Brooke and Paityn

Kelley and Paityn

Dawn and Conner

Aunt Shannon, Kennedy, Tracy, & Conner

Kenley & Conner    Katie & Paityn

Christmas Family Photo

Monday, December 13, 2010

Santa Pictures

This year I told Matt that I would love to have Santa pictures taken. Matt and I discussed it and did not want to take the babies out to a mall or public place with lots of children since they are still so young. Also, with it being cold, flu, and RSV season the NICU staff highly recommended we not take them out anywhere. I was a little disappointed that we were not going to be able to have any pictures this year until Matt called today and said that he was able to get Santa to come by the house. I was very excited to hear the wonderful news and it made my day! Thank you Mike McIntyre for stopping by our house and making a house visit!! It means so much to us that we were able to have Paityn and Conner meet Santa this year :)

Thursday, December 9, 2010

~Tis the Season~

We are very excited for Paityn and Conner's first Christmas and it approaching very quickly! The day after Thanksgiving I began decorating the house :) Even though the babies have no idea what Christmas is yet...I still wanted to get everything decorated and the lights put up on the house. This Christmas will be very special for us as a family of 4 and I already had to play dress up with the babies! Below are a few pics of the house and of the babies dressed in Christmas outfits.

6 Weeks!

Today I had my postpartum visit with Dr. Bonds and she wanted to see the babies again so this morning we packed everything into the car and headed to College Station. She was so happy to see how big Paityn and Conner are getting and got to take a picture with them!
Dr. Bonds with Conner and Paityn
 After seeing Dr. Bonds we headed across the street so Paityn and Conner could get their RSV shot and have their weights checked. Paityn weighs 9 pounds and Conner weighs 8 pounds 12 ounces. It is hard to believe they are 6 weeks old today and tomorrow Dec. 10th is my official due date for the twins. The past 6 weeks have flown by and tomorrow it will seem weird for my due date to be here. I have said that date so many times before. I still remember when we first found out I was pregnant and thinking that Dec. 10th was so far away and now it is already here! We are so thankful for our wonderful babies and are enjoying every minute of parenthood! The past 6 weeks have been wonderful and look forward to what is to come for us :)
Paityn-6 Weeks

Conner-6 Weeks

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

One Month!

Ok...so I am a little behind on this post but wanted to share with you. Paityn and Conner are now one month old as of 11/28/10! It is so amazing to Matt and I how the babies are so different and how they both have their own personalities. Both babies are so good! They rarely fuss or cry unless they are hungry. Paityn is more impatient when it comes time to eat and nothing is going to soothe her except putting the bottle in her mouth. Conner will fuss a little when hungry but can be soothed by a binky and will wait patiently to eat. The rest of the day is spent either looking around or sleeping. The babies are beginning to be awake more during the day and I love to spend time with them on the floor!

 At our 2 week check up several weeks ago, Dr. Meyer said that when the babies were a little bigger we could allow them to sleep at night and would no longer have to wake them every 3 hours for feedings. We checked their weights on Sunday and Paityn weighed 7 lbs 4 oz and Conner weighed 7 lbs. Since the babies were gaining weight quickly we called the doctor and started this on Monday and so far it is going great! Last night the longest amount of time they slept was 4 1/2 hours! It felt so nice to get more than 2  1/2 hours of sleep at a time between feedings LOL and to wake up to hearing Paityn and Conner cry instead of an alarm clock. Matt said he felt so much more rested when he had to get up to go to work!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

3 Weeks!

Wow! These last 3 weeks have flown by! We can't believe how quickly the babies are growing and quick the days are going by. Yesterday we went to the doctor for a check up. It was definitely a production in order to get both babies ready and fed before leaving the house. Then, once we got to the doctors office the nurses were so nice and helpful with carrying all of our stuff while we had the babies! Paityn weighs 5 pounds 14 ounces and Conner weighs 5 pounds 11 ounces. Both babies are doing great and we feel so blessed to be their parents!
First visit to the doctor together

Once we got back from the doctor we gave the babies some floor time together :)
Conner said, "I'm hungry!"
Mommy had to play with the camera!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Paityn is Home!

Yesterday, Paityn was released from St. Joseph's NICU around 3:00 p.m. Matt and I loaded up the second carseat and headed to College Station to pick her up while my sister watched Conner. We are so happy that both babies are at home! Now we can try to figure out our new normal with being parents of twins :)
Ready to leave St. Joseph's NICU

Ready in the car!

Of course we had to get a picture with a bow!

After we got back, we got to take our first family photo at home!!
First family photo at home!

Aunt Shannon meeting Paityn for the first time!

Then after we got settled at home, it was time for Paityn's first bath at home!
Paityn's first bath at home :)

Finally after eating dinner, feeding both babies and bathing both babies it was time for bed :)
All tucked in for bed!