Sunday, January 8, 2012

New Year...

After reading several blogs, facebook posts,and talking with friends about their "New Year's Resolution"...I started thinking about it. Each and every year I have always tried or attempted to make a New Year's Resolution but then would miserably fail or totally forget it until it was completely out of my mind. So many people talk about starting over or getting a fresh start, but this year I don't feel like I need "a fresh start." I look at this year as continuing on...I feel so blessed with my life right now exactly how it is. I am a mother to 2 amazing toddlers (I still think of them as my little babies!), I have a wonderful husband who is also a great dad, a loving, caring, and supportive family, close friends, a great job that allows me to help provide for my family, a roof over my head, and much more. So why would I want to "start over?" This is why I say to continue on. Yes there are things that I can improve on and I will work on them as the year goes on but I want to also continue with the great things I already have.

A few things on my "To Do List"...
-spend more time with my family
-have a monthly date night
-stay positive and not fall into easy gossip
-do something for myself every once in a while
-enjoy more of the simple things in life
-get a camera to pursue my love of photography
-do more DIY projects around the house
-complete the 52 Weeks Home Organization Plan
-go on our first family vacation with the babies
-update Paityn and Conner's baby books
-print pictures more often and put them in albums
-get up on time and not hit the snooze button

And speaking of the last thing on my "To Do" List I better get ready for bed :) Happy New Year!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

14 Months

It is a lot harder to find time to post now that Paityn and Conner are extremely active and into everything. Typically I post after they go to bed but sometimes between laundry, dinner, dishes, and well life... I don't get to it. Sometimes that 20 minutes of laying on the couch is an amazing way to end my day. On the other hand I love blogging so I have to make time to do it!

One December 28th, Paityn and Conner turned 14 months. It is amazing looking back at the last year and realize how lucky we are to be parents to two amazing toddlers! Here are a few things that they are doing now.

-has 8 teeth
-says...mama, dada, bye bye, bubba (for Conner), nak (for snack), up up, and a few other things that we are still trying to figure out what they mean.
-takes up to 6 step but still not walking
-likes to sit on top of things and climbs up onto everything
-likes to open the entertainment center doors
-gets put in time out for biting
-is very tough...rarely cries when she falls
-likes to feed the dogs her food
-laughs when you chase her
-growls at the dogs
-loves to give kisses...even to the dogs
-can point out people in pictures

-has 7 teeth
-says mama, dada, bye, puh puh (for puppy), and several other things...but we have no idea what he is say. He says a whole sentence of ???? and looks at you for a response.
-can stand on his own and walks with a push toy but not on his own
-likes to play with stacking cups
-loves to dance to any music...even church music
-is very ticklish
-loves to play covering himself up and the pulling them off
-gets put in time out for hitting
-likes to brush his own hair
-loves to play the toy piano (Thanks Aunt Fraces!)
-loves my iphone- likes to play PeekABoo Zoo
-likes to look out the window and bang on it
-loves leggo's

Four Christmas's

Well this Christmas Season has been great and we are so blessed to have so many friends and family to surround us. We started our Christmas celebration first by going to my mom's on Christmas Eve. Paityn and Conner enjoyed playing with their cousins Kaden and Payson and opening presents. I think their favorite part was getting their new wagon from MeMe and PaPa! Paityn did not want to get out of it. Also, we were excited for Christmas at mom's because a few months ago we took family pictures with our family and my sister Shannon's family to surprise mom with. We got her a blanket with a bunch of the pictures on it. Mom loved it!! Later we went to church to celebrate the birth of Jesus :) Without him we would not have this holiday. He is the reason for everything!

On Christmas morning, we did our family Christmas. After breakfast we sat down by the tree and opened gifts from mommy and daddy and Santa. The favorite gift was definitely their mini bag chairs :)

After our Christmas we loaded everything in the car and headed to Pflugerville, TX to Matt's cousin Kristi's house to celebrate with granny and Matt's dads side of the family. It was nice to see everyone that we haven't seen in a while. Paityn and Conner enjoyed playing with Kristi's kids Anlyn and Ava. Anlyn is only a month younger.

Finally Christmas night we celebrated with Matt parents and his sister's family. We enjoyed opening presents, our annual bingo games, lottery drawing, playing with Christmas present and much more!

Biting Incident :(

Well...we knew it was coming but didn't expect it to be so bad. Paityn for the last 2 months or so has been attempting to bite when she gets mad or upset but has never actually went through with it. She has leaned in but never bit. Well that all changed 2 days before Christmas. Paityn and Conner were playing on the floor. Conner had a toy and Paityn decided she wanted it. After trying to take it from him and Conner not letting go...she leaned in and bit his arm good! I mean a full mouth of 8 teeth and all! They occasionally fight but it is normally a lot of screaming until one finally gives in but now we will have to worry about biting from now on.