Thursday, June 28, 2012

20 Months

Today the twins turned 20 is hard to believe that in only 4 month Paityn and Conner will be 2. Its sad to think about not saying how old they are in months anymore. Having two 20 month olds is a wonderful thing but also has many challenges. The most recent challenge is when the twins test Matt and I to see how far they can push our buttons. For example, we recently got a new coffee table and Paityn and Conner want to climb up on top of it and sit. We tell them "No" and take them off. After a few more times of the same thing...they end up in time out. Then 5 minutes later they watch you as they slowly raise their leg to see what you are going to do. This is just one of the many ways they test us! LOL However there are many great things too! Matt and I are just so amazed at the things the twins do now and more and more we are continuing to say we can't believe how big they are getting! Here is what they are up to at 20 months... Paityn -Repeats everything you say -Sings to her babies -Love to call for Harley and Milo -Says up to a 3 word sentences -Loves to dance -Says "More" in sign language and words -Still definitely a Daddy's girl -Eats anything and everything -Not much of a milk drinker -We call her Little Mother Hen because she is always making sure things are taken care of -Still hates to wear shoes -Screams when you fix her hair -Loves to read books Conner -Is beginning to talk more but doesn't say much that we can understand -Still says "More" in sign language but now tries to say it with words -Very much a Mommy's boy -Studies everything very closely -Likes to chase the dogs -Has become a picky eater -Loves milk... he could drink it all day long -Can climb into his high chair -Climbs into the car and gets in his seat by himself -Listens when told to "stay" while outside...while Paityn runs away LOL -Loves to play in the sand and dump things -Still chews his lovey or blankie to go to sleep -Loves to swing Things Paityn and Conner Both Do -Can find their hair, ears, nose, eyes, mouth, hands, tummy, knees, feet, and toes -Says animal sounds for dog, cat, cow, horse, duck, sheep, chicken -Love to help Mommy cook and play with their play food, cups, plates, etc. -Love to be outside -Make kiss kiss sounds -Love to climb the dog stairs and play on Mommy and Daddy's bed -Love to feed the dogs their food -Could eat fruit all day -Like to help you brush their teeth

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sweet Summer Time

A few weeks ago Matt and I decided to get Paityn and Conner their first swing set! The twins love being outside but we didn't have much for them to do in our backyard. Since the weather has been nice and hot we thought a swing set would be perfect! With this hot weather...we also ventured out for Paityn and Conner's first trip to the Aquatic Center with the help of our neighbor Haley!

Fredricksburg Vacation

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Crazy Week!

Well I can finally sit down and relax in over a week...and I must say it is nice to be home! Last week, I was in Galveston for 3 days for Tots and Technology, home for 1 day, then gone another 4 days for our anniversary trip. So I am glad to be home because this mommy was missing her babies! Tots and Technology was a TCEA Conference in Galveston for teachers. I learned a lot of new cool things and plan to implement them into my classroom in the fall :) I also was able to relax on the beach for a few hours too! LOL Who can go to Galveston and not go to the beach?? Not this girl! After Galveston, I was able to spend 1 day home with Paityn and Conner. But while home all I basically did was unpack from Galveston and repack for Fredricksburg. Thursday morning, Matt and I left to head to Fredricksburg for our 4 year anniversary, while my wonderful sister in law and her family kept the twins for us! In the 4 days we were in Fredricksburg, we packed in as many activities as possible! We did some downtown shopping, visited the Bat Caves, went to The Exotic Resort Zoo, climbed Enchanted Rock, shopped at Fredricksburg Trade Days, went to the Peach Jamboree, enjoyed the Luckenbach antique car show, and ate at some amazing restaurants! It was really nice to get away with just Matt and I...kid free. But we laughed at how almost every conversation ended up talking about Paityn and Conner :) It was a great trip but by Sunday we were ready to home! Also, since it was Fathers Day, Matt wanted to have some time with the twins. Now my life is calming down and returning to normal so hopefully I will have more time to enjoy my summer break!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Look What I Can Do!

Well...I am praying this is only a one time thing...because we are not ready to go to toddler beds yet! Today, like any other day, the twins woke up from their nap and I could hear them talking and laughing on the monitor. They normally will "play" with each other and laugh for 15 or so minutes before we get them out of their cribs. Well, when I open the door, this is what I see! Miss Paityn is trying to climb out of her bed!