Tuesday, August 7, 2012

1st Day of Preschool!

For the past few days we have been telling the twins that they are going to go to school. They would repeat "kool" and we would proceed to tell them about meeting their new teacher, making new friends, and getting to play with new toys. This past weekend we bought their school supplies and they were very interested in it...especially their new "big boy" and "big girl" backpacks!
Well today was that BIG day! Paityn and Conner started preschool this morning! We were very curious as to how the morning would go because the other week when we stopped by for a visit they loved it! I asked them did they want to go bye-bye and they both quickly said NO LOL So needless to say we had no idea how today would go. We got up this morning and talked getting dressed for school, eating breakfast so we could go to school, getting in the car to go to school, etc...
Once we got to school, Matt and I walked the kids inside. Before we could get out of the office Paityn was saying "walk...walk" as she saw the other kids walking down the hall. Once we walked in their classroom Paityn and Conner stayed close to us and played with a toy near the door. As they played with the toy...Matt and I make a quick get away. We waited a few minutes and peeked in the window and saw Paityn already reading books with one of their teachers and Conner still hanging out by the door seeming unsure of the whole situation with his lovey held tightly in his hand. We were so happy to make it out of the door with no tears shed...well at least not from the kids anyway. So we left... Matt headed to work and I headed to school to work in my classroom. Thinking about Conner holding onto his lovey for dear life and Paityn being comfortable right away I wanted to call and check on how their day was going. During nap time I called to check in. Their teacher said that Paityn was the one having a rough time and Conner had been great! That just goes to show us how surprising our kids can be! She said that Paityn got upset easily, didn't want to come inside, and said "Mommy" alot. When I got to St. Paul's to pick them up they were both excited to see me! Paityn began to cry until I picked her up and Conner ran to me with a huge smile!
Ready to go home!
Excited to be in the car with Mommy!

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