Sunday, August 26, 2012

New Beginnings

Well Paityn and Conner have been back at school now for about 3 weeks. For the first week both Paityn and Conner cried when Matt or I would drop them off. The second week...Paityn cried everyday. Finally we have made it through the third week and NO TEARS!! Now when we get to school they both say "out" "play!" I must say I am so glad that we started the twins back to school early before my first day of school because there is no way we could have done this with me teaching already. Even though they have been going to school since they were 10 weeks...after being home all summer...this was the first time that goodbye was hard for them and me. When Paityn and Conner were little they didn't really realize that we were leaving. With the twins being almost 2 goodbyes are definitely a lot tougher! Now that the kids are settled into their new school routine...tomorrow marks the beginning of my new routine with the first day of school. I am excited to begin my 5th year teaching 3rd grade and am anxious to get to know my new students! Open house last week was a success and can't wait to get the year started :)

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