Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Beating All Odds

It is crazy to think back to Easter Sunday, the day we found out I was pregnant, and then to think of how things have changed to get us to where we are today. So many things have changed since then...especially my belly :) It is amazing at how our 2 babies have already made such a huge positive impact on our lives, our families, and on our home. We are so honored that God chose us to have twins. Also, it is a miracle that I am still pregnant. Today we went for another check up and got good news once again. Paityn and Conner are definitely holding on and are not ready to come into this world just yet. I have not progressed any in the last few weeks and our doctor is thrilled! She told us that if she would of bet on how long we would make it...she would have already lost her money! We are beating all odds against us and we know all of it has to do with the power of prayer :) Dr. Bonds scheduled another growth ultrasound for next week to check on the babies' weights, measurements, etc... so we just pray that we make it until then! I am beginning to have more contractions with majority of them being braxton hicks contractions which are completely normally during the 3rd trimester. Overall I am still pretty comfortable for the most part and know that my minor aches and pains will all be worth it when we have 2 healthy happy babies to hold in our arms.

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